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  • My First Video

    This is the first video assignment I was given. The story was to be about balloons and how fun they are. But Joe, know to many as the balloon man, has a story much deeper than what he does. Like many of people, Joe is on a journey. Joe's conflict is the main part of his life today. With only one predicted year left to live Joe wants others to know his story.

  • Iraq Love War-Repeat

    I stayed at a hotel in Baghdad. Later, I embedded with a front-line reconnaissance U.S. military group. My mission is to seek truth. I'm moved by the tears of a 6-year-old. The death and beheading of those who have become friends. The little girl crying in the night. It's Madness. The purpose of all this is vague. Iraqis and Americans like each other but orders override humanity.

  • Fishermen In Washington

    Quick video in Bellingham Washington about a fisherman. I'm Loving the challenge of video shooting.

  • Guns for Sale Roseburg Oregon