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Coaching is one-one. Is something holding you back from doing your best?  Learning a strong foundation  is essential to move forward. We  discuss your strengths and weaknesses then we will make a plan to advance your skills. 
 This course is 3 hours with at least an hour of shooting and feedback during the shooting.  (exercises and feedback). Whether you want to build a business or just improve your shooting, I can help you.  You can adjust this class through the consultation to fit your specific needs. 

It's easy in today's digital world to get swept along without ever laying a good foundation. Eventually, that lack will catch up with you. When you are ready to work and grow in your photography email me for a consultation.



Photography Coaching Packages

Basics to advanced, available for either package


1.Inspire- You pick the topic, from storytelling to photographing people This package includes personalized coaching with 2 sessions! Get motivated and focused in photography. After you sign up we begin with a consultation to find out what you will get the most from in your class. You can choose from the basics of shooting and camera functions to more advanced composition, light, or mix it up with your personal agenda. You will work hands-on shooting with me at your side and I will give immediate insight to help you succeed in your shooting. From beginning to advanced this can be tailored to meet your specific interests.

Send me an email to sign up please.





Portfolio Review -  I know it is too easy to swoon in the praise of friends and family. It's their role to praise you and tell you that your work is "awesome". As a teacher, I can help you to analyze your work in a way that will help you grow in photography.  



There are 4 basic concepts that will help you become a better photographer.

  • 1. Know your journey.
  • 2. Build a "unique" and intriguing portfolio.
  • 3. Learn business savvy. 
  • 4. Find your uniqueness

    For 15 years Sherrlyn has been working as a professional photographer for magazines and newspapers worldwide. From Eugene Oregon to Iraq she has photographed wars, politics, models, family portraits, and presidents.
Photojournalist Eugene Oregon or CALL 541 579 9929