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"Oh my God, I just saw the pictures online and they are amazing, gorgeous! I can't tell you how much we appreciated everything you did." (Tara's mother )

"Sherrlyn we just received the coffee table book. I can't believe how beautiful everything is. I love the cover and all the pictures are stunning! Thank you thank you for joining us in Aruba, it is such a wonderful memory to have you as part of our wedding, please come to New York anytime and visit with us" Laura & Andrew"and thank you for interpreting for us- we may have had the wedding cake before dinner otherwise"

What a wonderful experience! Ioved the workshop and learned a great deal. I learned so much from Sherrlyn's photography workshop and had a blast photographing with the new tools I learned. If you ever ever get a chance to go to one of her talks they are very life changing. She is an eloquent, raw and honest speaker. The room was quiet as we listened and watched her images. I learned so much about my part in the world whether I'm aware of it or not. Sherrlyn's workshop is fun, lots of learning and I definitely reccomend it. I plan on attending the next one that she teaches. She also had great assistants. Photo Anne (Lois Newcomb)